February 20, 2018


Pool of Islamic Universities Scholarships

The Islamic World faces an issue generally common across countries albeit in varying intensity. It relates to the acute dearth of qualified human resources. Whilst some of the well-off countries tend to place faculty in countries in the West, the option remains almost infeasible for several other countries. If we look at the numbers of personnel to be trained to meet the shortfall, it is gigantic by any standards. A multipronged approach would be needed to train significant numbers if a quality change is expected in the Islamic World. More details ..

Countrywise List of Scholarships

List of Scholarships

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TitleCountry & University
MS/PhD Scholarships
Discipline:  Engineering & Technology
Total Scholarships: 25
Scholarship URL : www.uettaxila.edu.pk
University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila
University URL : www.uettaxila.edu.pk
Posted Date :
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Discipline:  Business Administration
Total Scholarships: 5
Scholarship URL : https://payloan.mohe.gov.my/INTER/index_mis.php
High Commissioner in Malaysia
University URL : https://payloan.mohe.gov.my/INTER/index_mis.php
Posted Date : Sep 13, 2013
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